Your Questions Answered

1. We do not take reservations on game days but we will do our best to accomodate any group.

2. You do not need a ticket to get in

3. We begin to get very busy about 2-3 hours before the game. However it depends on the day of the week and who they are playing.

4. We opened on May 16

5. The away team’s batting cage was here previously. It has also been used for field maintenance storage.

6. During the game the glass garage door comes down but you can still see out onto the field. Players cant see in but you can see out.

7. We are owned not by the Red Sox but by the Lyons Group.

8. There is no direct access to the field

9. We sell staff shirts and we have merchandise just for patrons

10. Never a cover

11. We prefer to just use our facilities for our patrons who are drinking or eating with us. Tours are available 7 days a week at Gate D

12. We dont have a kids menu

13. It is 21+ during all home games and after 10pm. If you are under 21 you may be accompanied by your legal guardian

14. We are open 7 days a week 364 days a year for lunch and dinner.

15. Joe Vosmik No 7 who played right field 1938 opening day is the player on the menu